What I’m Eating Now

It’s been more than two months since I hard reset my eating habits and started teaching myself to cook. Some friends have started asking me about my diet, and while I am not a nutritionist and this is not meant to be a plan for you to follow. I’m happy to share what’s working for […]

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Bro, do you even lift?

I’ve become a little obsessed with weight lifting. Unlike a lot of other exercise, it has very linear and easy to track data. Whereas running involves complicated variables like pacing and terrain, weight lifting is pretty consistent from week to week so it seems easier to hit a new record in at least one metric. […]

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Every Sunday we go to my husband’s grandmother’s house for dinner. On an average week 15 people show up, but if everyone happens to be there we cram 30 people into her living and dining rooms. On those weeks we hope for good weather so the kids can go outside instead of playing tackle football […]

App / Gadget Round Up

After writing my post on how I use Evernote I realized I actually use a ton of tech to stay motivated and track my exercise progress. What I use slowly changes over time, but here’s what I’m using now: Hardware Fitbit Aria – Body fat scale The Aria is a wifi-enabled scale which automatically logs […]

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How I Use Evernote for Meal Planning

Seven weeks after my headfirst dive into cooking and I’m still at it. I use Evernote extensively to keep it all organized, and it has been a lifesaver. Here’s how I stay organized through each step of the cooking process. Storing and organizing my recipes Every recipe I cook is stored in Evernote. I occasionally […]

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Egg White Breakfast Muffins

In an effort to cut down on sugar I’ve replaced my yogurt and granola breakfast with egg “muffins.” They’re really more like a crustless quiche but they’re made in a muffin tin, and make a really good brain-dead breakfast with plenty of protein. You can make them with whatever ingredients you’ve got handy, and I’ve […]

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Super Delicious Crock Pot Indian Curry

While I’m no longer cooking 4 new recipes a week, I’m still cooking a whole bunch. This Indian-style curry recipe is one of my favorites so far. Chopping all the ingredients is a little time consuming, but it’s a great slow cooker meal and very worth it. It also happens to be vegan! You can […]

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One Month Down

After a month of exercising and eating less junk, I’ve lost 6.2 pounds and 2.3 percentage points of body fat. It’s hard to quantify strength, but I am definitely getting stronger. I can now do a few trapeze tricks I had trouble with (in particular, pulling back up to sitting after a crucifix) and I’m […]

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Understanding Sugar

I’ve started tracking the foods I eat, and this time around I’m paying a lot more attention to the balance of macronutrients in my diet. I noticed I was consistently way over my suggested limit of 24 grams (a number auto-selected by MyFitnessPal). I tried to modify my eating to keep it under target. But […]


Dinner Week 3

Between illness and snow days it was not an inspiring week for cooking. We ate a bunch of leftovers, and actually managed to refrain from eating out, but I confess it wasn’t my best week in terms of healthy meals. Once again I have failed at photographing things. Honestly, they weren’t too photogenic. Easy Skillet […]

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